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    more than 200 employee
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    Class A enterprise in China customs
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years of experience in medical care beds

To meet the needs of regional market

Company development

  • 2011-Establishment of the company
  • 2012-The company started import and export business
  • 2014-Completed the import of large-scale medical equipment
  • 2015-The export value of medical beds increased rapidly
  • 2017-Recognized as a Customs Class A Enterprise
  • 2018-5 Functional electric medical bed completed design and successfully tested
  • 2019-5 The functional electric medical bed is officially on sale
  • 2020-Fight against the new crown epidemic, complete the export of testing reagents and nursing equipment to Italy/Croatia
  • 2021-We are on the way

About us

The company is committed to the research and development of the most advanced hospital beds, nursing beds and hospital treatment supporting furniture, to provide patients with the most comfortable beds, furniture and solutions.


Application scenarios

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